The LDR’s mainline runs for approximately 19 miles around the top of Fairleymere Lake. It runs from the town of Norbrough to the large village of Daffvile. At the western end it connects with a mainline to Barrow in Furness and at the eastern end, a branch line to the west coast mainline. Unlike the rest of Mainland, Network Rail does not own the railways infrastructure, it is instead ownd by the LDR who run the services.

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The line stars at the village of Daffvile. Here the line shears a station with the old London and North Western Railway (LNWR) branchline. The mainline heads north towards the small village of Moffatt. Here there is a transfer siding and station for the NWMR. Beond Moffat, the line passes Ferny Halt on its way to Fawton Keynes. This is the junction with the Aderliy Branchline which continues north while the mainline curves towards the west.

From here the railway gallops along the Bluemoor flats until it passes over the River Burgh and on a large bridge before arriving at Burgh station. From here the line continues over the flats but now hugging the hill side. Bluemoor station is passed quickly, and the line shots through the mile long tunnel. On the other side the railway runs along a thin strech of land sandwiched between the Hills and Fairleymere lake. The next station is Fairport which is a connecting station with the Fairley Island Branchline. As the line curves around the lake the land it follows gets smaller and smaller untill the railway is on the sea wall. Here is Dawmouth which is a sight well woth seeing.

The final stop is Norbrough, this is were passengers can catch a train along the beachden branchline.

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(Junctions are marked with J and Interchanges are marked with I)

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