The Fairley (Island) branchline to give it its proper name, is a branchline of the LDR. It runs for 3 miles from the town of Fairport onto Fairley Island.It uses the upper platform at Fairport to connect with services on the Mainline using the lower platform.

Route Edit

The line runs out of Fairport upper station and down the incline to street level were it runs through the streets for a short distance. It the crosses over the bridge onto the island. due the relatively flat land, the tracks only bend to avoid sheep grazing in the fields besides the line. Before ling the line enters Fairley Island station, the main station on the island. Beyond lies the track to the south of the Island were the line ends. Here a small station called South fairly Halt marks the end of a pleasant journey.

Stations served Edit

Traffic Edit

The branchline is the life and sole of the Island. some tourists and goods are still moved traditionally by boat but most take the train as it is the fastest and easiest way to cross the Fair channel. This means that the line sees all sorts of traffic ranging from standard supplies such as livestock and newspapers, to the more mundane such as Christmas trees and even Bath tubs. During the winter months the line south of Fairley Island station is closed as the traffic is so light and it cuts the journey time in half.

Roiling stock Edit

Locomotives Edit

Since being taken over in the 1950s the line has been run by John. his light weight and high tractive effort make him perfect for the branches weight restrictions thanks to the bridge. Since the 1960s, however, John has been assisted by 'J'. The two engines work together in the summer mouths and then take turns during the winter. no other engines are allowed on the line due to the weight restrictions on the bridge.

Coaches and Trucks Edit

Due to there small size, both John and 'J' can't pull more than two normal coaches from the mainline. during the summer this would not do, so speciel light weight coaches have been made. at first thes were simply striped out BRMk1s but have since been rebuilt into speciely light coaches while still being fitted out.

Waggons, much like the mainline are a mix of old and new depending on their duty. The majorety of work on the branch requires the use of older wagon designs only adding to the authenticity.