The beacheden Branchline (locally Known as the sea-side line) is a branchline of the LDR. It runs for 4 1/3 miles from the village of Beachden on the coast of Fairleymere and the town of Norbrough were it connects with the mainline services.

Route Edit

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Stations served Edit

Traffic Edit

The brachline mostly serves to Bring tourists into Kitly and Beachedn. However, it also serves Local to some existent by bringing in valuable Goods traffic. An example of this is the Raw wood and other fittings brought in to Beachden for the boat repair yard in the village. The main traffic out is fish carried on a special train at the end of the day.

Rolling stock Edit

Locomotives Edit

The branchline Has been served by many locomotives over the years. The first was Charley who worked it until the arrival of Jaden. Since then Jaden has Run the line allowing Charley to be better utilized on the mainline. In later years the tourist traffic was significant enough throughout the summer to necessitate a second locomotive being needed. This is handled by Fred. Engines for the branchline ether stay at the Shed at Beachden or at Norbrough.

Coaches and Trucks Edit

The coaches used on the line are the same as those used on the Mainline. A mixture of modified Southern and LNER Coaches painted Green and cream.

Wagons are a mixture of modern and traditional depending on the load.