The Aderliy Brachline (locally known as ‘Our Mountain Railway’) is a branchline of the LDR. It runs up the hillside for 5 miles to the village of Aderliy from the hamlet of Fawton Keynes where it joins the Mainline services. The branch also serves one of the only working slate quarries left in the United Kingdom.

Route Edit

The line starts at the Fawton Keynes junction. Leaving platform 3 the line tackles the hill head on for straight initial clime. After climbing around (insert appropriate Height here) the line reaches halfway and a ground frame controlling a passing loop. This is rarely used but as the only level spot on the line is the place were engines catch their breath. In front is a (insert appropriate Height here) which is to steep to continue on the lines original course. To clime it the railway curves sharply left and enters a tunnel curving back on its self, climbing all the time. Out of the tunnel and on the cliff edge the railway climes to the point it can now see the halting place bellow. Here it curves left again to clime the final steep accent into Aderliy Station. From here the line terminates for passengers at 5 miles of hard climbing. The quarry is a further ¼ mile up the line, where a tunnel leads onto the workings floor.

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The line is nearly exclusively run by Daniel who runs the branch all year round. When he needs repair one of the utility engines takes over, ether Fred or Eric mostly.

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